Smoking a vape cartridge was once thought to be the cleanest and safest way to smoke, but a 2019 scare outing Vitamin E oil as a nasty culprit has somewhat changed public outlook on vaporizing. Lab technicians at Tamarack Cannabis prioritize consumer safety when distilling and producing cartridges. They say there are two extremely easy ways to tell if the cartridge you’re smoking is safe:  its color and its consistency, or viscosity. 

A safe cartridge should not be dark in color. If you come across a cartridge that is any darker than a light golden brown, our team would not recommend purchasing it. A cartridge that is trending toward orange or brown, rich with darker color is likely not safe to smoke. It could be cut with MCT oil, Vitamin E oil, or synthetic cutters, and the safety of these products has not been established. Cartridges cut with these types of agents will also appear to be less viscous. A liquid cartridge that appears to move, easily seen by the naked eye could be unsafe. Distillate has a stickier, gummier consistency and will not flow quickly from one end to the other in the cartridge itself. Any cartridge that is dark in color or liquid should not be trusted, but also just won’t taste as good as a cartridge made with pure, high quality, safe ingredients.

The cartridges at Tamarack Cannabis are of the highest quality around. They are made with distillate and contain zero additives or cutting agents. They also contain above 90% THC, on average. Find comfort in knowing that if you’re vaping with Tamarack Cannabis, you’re safe.