***UPDATE 11/18/21: A huge congratulations to everyone who fought to keep CBD sales in dispensaries in Montana. Our efforts worked and the legislation was shut down.

Original Post 11/1/21:

Montana lawmakers are trying to ban state licensed dispensaries from selling CBD. We’ve drafted a sample letter to make it easy for you to reach out to the DOR and our legislators and help stop the ban. Tamarack Cannabis has been selling CBD products to our patients in the Flathead Valley for years. We urge the citizens of Kalispell, Whitefish, Columbia Falls and the surrounding communities to please join our effort and call or send the letter below to the contacts provided. We appreciate your help and we’re in this together.

Letter to Montana Lawmakers and DOR

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you as a concerned citizen of Montana that would like to continue to keep my right to purchase packaged CBD from trusted labels at state licensed dispensaries.

Dispensaries have already been selling safe CBD products from third party tested labels and under their own licenses making in-house CBD products for years. It has been convenient for patients of dispensaries to purchase CBD in the same place they buy other medicine derived from cannabis. It is my understanding that the new law says dispensaries can’t sell hemp, meaning they can’t sell the CBD that comes from hemp any longer, including pre-packaged supplements made from licensed hemp farmers. It is my hope that the interpretation of this law was intended to ban hemp or CBD flower that can look similar to THC flower, to avoid any mix ups or confusion. If this is the case, I request that you please contact the Department of Revenue and let them know that you would like to continue to allow customers and patients to purchase Montana-made and other pre-packaged CBD products from their dispensaries.

The ban against CBD in dispensaries is illogical for many reasons, and it does not seem to help anyone or anything. CBD bans in dispensaries hurt customers who have come to count on CBD products produced within licensed hemp programs. Customers may not be able to get the same products from national chain gas stations or grocery stores that are allowed to sell CBD products in Montana. CBD bans in dispensaries also hurt Montana hemp growers. In addition, it has already been proven to be ineffective in other states. In 2020, states with laws that disallowed cannabis dispensaries to sell hemp-based CBD products, such as CO and IL, started reversing their policies. 

State cannabis dispensaries are an important market for Montana CBD producers. The ban hurts cannabis dispensaries who have been serving CBD customers for years. Dispensaries can use CBD oil in products they make. In other words, they can sell hemp-derived CBD as long as they turn it into a cannabis product with THC. This doesn’t make sense. CBD is a chemical compound. CBD from cannabis is no different than CBD from hemp. Gas stations can sell hemp-derived CBD. Why can’t the local dispensary? How does this serve public health or safety?

There are no winners in banning dispensaries from selling pre-packaged CBD products made from licensed hemp producers. Given the legislature’s support of Montana’s hemp program and farmers, it doesn’t make sense to deny them this market outlet. I am hoping that as legislators, you can send a letter to the administration clarifying the intent that whereas hemp flower may not be sold at dispensaries, hemp-derived CBD from licensed hemp producers can.

Best Regards,

(Your name here)


Department of Revenue

Todd Olson [email protected]
(406) 444-7905

Economic Affairs Interim Committee

Sen. Bogner, (Miles City) R  [email protected]  
(406) 916-9690

Rep. Harvey, D (Butte) [email protected]  
(406) 490-5472

Sen. Boland, D (Great Falls) [email protected]  
(406) 868-1029

Rep. Buckley, D (Bozeman) [email protected]
(406) 404-0891

Sen. Ellsworth, R (Hamilton) [email protected]  
(406) 360-0009

Rep. Kassmier, R (Fort Benton) [email protected]  
(406) 781-5386

Rep. Ler, R (Savage) [email protected]  
(406) 480-5687

Sen. Morigeau, D (Missoula) [email protected]  
(406) 546-4290

Rep. Noland, R (Bigfork) [email protected]  
(406) 253-8982

Rep. Sullivan, D (Missoula) [email protected]  
(406) 616-3914

Rep. Hopkins, R (Missoula) [email protected] 
(406) 531-1775