Deli-Style Flower and Pre-Rolls

Deli-Style Flower

Choose from our selection of 50 premium organic strains and get as much or as little flower you need, by the gram. Our deli-style offering allows us to serve you the freshest, most delicious buds possible without tying you down to a specific weight. Trying a variety is the best way to find a strain that’s right for you.


We believe pre-rolls should smoke and taste just as great as your favorite flower in a bowl. No trim and no shake… just high quality flower conveniently rolled for you to enjoy on a hike, on a boat or on the chairlift!


Vape Cartridges, Infused Pre-Rolls, Terp Sugar, Live Sugar, Solventless Cured Rosin, Solventless Dry Sift Kief, Diamonds & Sauce, Diamonds, Diamond Dust, Shatter and Crumble.

Vape Cartridges

At Tamarack, we offer a variety of vape cartridges including distillate, terpene infused, live sugar and 1:1 options with CBD. Choose the effect that’s right for you for the most discreet way to enjoy THC and easy, on-the-go use. We pride ourselves in safe, high quality cartridges extracted from the finest organic premium cannabis, all grown in-house.

Infused Pre-Rolls

Tamarack premium infused pre-rolls are crafted with our finest organic indoor cannabis and infused with diamonds extracted in our very own lab to ensure optimal potency. Expertly crafted to provide a smooth, satisfying smoking experience.

Terp Sugar

Tamarack Terp Sugar is for those who love the bold and rich terpene profile of flower, but crave additional THC. An experienced palate is guaranteed to appreciate this extract. Our selection of rotating flavors will keep you searching for your next favorite!

Live Sugar

Tamarack Live Resin is the crème de la crème for terpene connoisseurs. This full-bodied concentrate is extracted cold from fresh-frozen cannabis, harvested at its peak. The flavor is just as potent as the THC. Enjoy!

Solventless Cured Rosin

Tamarack Cured Rosin is extracted from the finest premium organic flower, carefully selected and cured to perfection to create a pure, clean and flavorful concentrate. This solventless concentrate is packed with the full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other beneficial compounds.

Solventless Dry Sift Kief

Enjoy the potency and flavors of expertly hand-sifted trichomes, accumulated from premium Tamarack Cannabis flower. Tamarack solventless concentrate contains an abundance of terpenes and cannabinoids that give each strain its unique qualities. Perfect for sprinkling on a joint or topping a bowl for extra potency. 

Diamonds & Sauce

Tamarack Diamond Dust is a more malleable way to enjoy all of the potent pack of THCa crystals in Diamonds. Easily sprinkle Diamond Dust over your favorite bowl of flower for a more intense high. Perfect for someone searching for a clean and consistent cannabis extract.


Tamarack Diamonds are potent, isolated THCa crystals. Their iridescent facets crystalize and grow over months, resulting in a stone nearly fit for a ring! At nearly 100% potency, diamonds deliver a quick onset of euphoric-like effects. An extract made for THC fanatics.

Diamond Dust

Tamarack Diamond Dust is a more malleable way to enjoy all of the potent pack of THCa crystals in Diamonds. Easily sprinkle Diamond Dust over your favorite bowl of flower for a more intense high. Perfect for someone searching for a clean and consistent cannabis extract.


Tamarack Shatter packs a potent punch, loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. Due to its glass like consistency it breaks easily, hence the name. When you drop it, it shatters!


Tamarack Crumble carries a robust flavor profile and high THC potency. Taking after its namesake, crumble has more of a dry, powdery consistency. Delicious in dabs, on top of bowls, or in homemade recipes.


Gummies, Chocolates, Caramels, Truffles, Lozenges, Cookies


Tamarack Gummies range from regular strength THC to extra strength for the medical market. Gummies are the easiest and best way to determine the appropriate THC dose for a novice cannabis user. Assorted flavors include lemon, orange, peach, and watermelon, based on availability.


Tamarack Chocolates are easy to dose and taste melt-in-your-mouth good! Assorted flavors include dark, milk, mint, raspberry and white, based on availability. 


Tamarack Caramels are smooth, consistent and predictable. Customers love them, we love them, you’re bound to love them too.


Tamarack Truffles are perfect for when you really want to nibble on a satisfying treat while still getting your full dose of THC. Covered in dark chocolate and available seasonally in sunbutter and chocolate flavors.


Tamarack Cookies are delicious dipped in a glass of milk or used as trail fuel in the Mountains of Montana. Assorted flavors include chocolate chip, double chocolate, gingersnap, oatmeal raisin, and seasonal favorites based on availability.

Oils & Topicals

Base Oil, Body Butter, Infusion, Tincture

Base Oil

Tamarack Base Oil is perfect for those who need to ingest THC without any sugar. We infuse pure THC distillate with olive oil for a simple, smooth infusion that’s easy to swallow and as potent as you need.

Body Butter

Tamarack Body Butter is the best way to absorb all of the muscular benefits from THC without any of the psychoactive effects. Soothe aches and pains while always keeping clear-minded. Regular and menthol, based on availability.


Tamarack Morning and Night Infusions are great way to start or end your day, boosting your immune system or ensuring relaxation. Ours is made from cannabis infused avocado oil, blended with natural herbs and spices.

Night Tincture

Tamarack Night Tincture is a glycerin based whole plant extract. Typically for medical use only. 

Hemp & CBD


Tamarack Hemp & CBD

The Tamarack Hemp line includes a wide array of small batch CBD products including chapstick, body butter, body roller, isolate crystalline, lozenges, and base oil, all made in-house. 

In addition to our house Tamarack Hemp line, we carry high quality CBD, CBN, and CBG products, hand selected by our team. Learn more about CBD, CBN and CBG here.


Glass, Dab Rings, Water Pipes, and More

Glass & Such

Tamarack offers high quality glass and dab rigs by Grav Labs and Puffco, so you can enjoy the same clean smoke we love. We also carry a wide assortment of other glass, water pipes and paraphernalia that won’t break the bank. Always enjoy 20% off all glass and paraphernalia when you spend $100 or more.

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